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CRAK’D: Could You Punch This Guy in the Face?? How To Street Fight

Do you think you could actually punch this guy Trav in the face? Might want to

CRAKD: “Today I Got Time Cuz” Song By ReeceBeats!

If you’ve seen the “Today I Got Time Cuz” video then you will really laugh at this remix! Check out the “Today I Got Time Cuz” song produced by ReeceBeats.

[CRAKD] A Pimpin’ Granny Got Some Words for Her Haters!

Pimpin’ ain’t easy but somebody has gotta do it! Check out what this pimpin’ granny has to say to her haters.

Crakd: WTF?? Gravy on a G*ngBang?? Yep it’s #GravyOnEverything – Crazy Video!

With Thanksgiving just a few days away, we figured it would be the perfect time to play Stuff You Guys’ “Gravy” song.

CRAKD: Watch This Lap Band Dance at The Gathering 2014!

DJ Paul captures a sexy couple throwing down at the Gathering of the Juggalos 2014! Watch as they redefine the meaning of a lap dance below.

CRAKD: Anyone Hungry? Suspect Orders Pizza to Jail!

How far would you go to feed your appetite? A hungry suspect ordered five pizzas to be delivered to the jail where he was being held. Watch the funny video below.

CRAKD: Pastor Sings Jesus Christ Is My N*gga Song! Hilarious!

This church thinks they found a new way to bring Christianity to the youth. Watch their ‘Jesus Christ is My N*gga’ song and video below!

CRAKD: Seven Person Boat Crash! A Warning Sign for Summertime!

This group of friends took the rocky seas on a cloudy day and decided to go speed boating. See what happens in this funny video!

Crakd: Backwoods Ashli Hall-Gay and Her Hype Mom Take On The Haters!

This daughter and mom duo take to YouTube to address their Facebook haters. Watch Ashli Hall-Gay and all of her wildness below!

Crakd: Mike Tyson Saves Gift for Evander Holyfield! Hilarious!

Foot Locker cracks on some sports vets in this hilarious commercial

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