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[Music] Nicki Minaj’s “Anaconda” – DJ Paul K.O.M. & Twhy Remix!

DJ Paul K.O.M. of Three 6 Mafia and TWhy remix Nicki Minaj’s newest single “Anaconda.”

DJ Paul is Selling His Sauce and It’s Getting Hot!

DJ Paul’s award-winning Barbecue Sauce and Rub have been keeping our food flavorful for years now and is working on a new hot sauce for this line.

Miami New Times Talks with DJ Paul on Working With ICP and More!

Miami New Times Talks with DJ Paul on Working With ICP and More!

[Video] Watch the full episode of DJ Paul and Plaxico Burress on Celebrity Wife Swap!

If you still haven’t gotten the chance to watch the hilarious DJ Paul and Plaxico Burress episode of Celebrity Wife Swap, now is your chance!

[Photos] Polow Mob TV Shoots Away at the Massacre Tour in Austin!

The Massacre Tour took over Austin, Texas and Polow Mob TV was there to captured it all on camera.

[Photos] Everything is Bigger in Texas! The Massacre Takes to the Lone Star State!

Sinners from Texas witnessed the Massacre Tour this weekend in Austin and Houston. Check out upcoming dates of the tour and photos from sinners below.

DJ Paul’s Healthy Un-Healthy Breakfast Recipe with DJ Paul BBQ Sauce!

DJ Paul’s been living a healthy un-healthy lifestyle and it starts with a breakfast fit for a king. Check out how he uses DJ Paul BBQ Sauce in the recipe below!

[Video] Watch DJ Paul and Plaxico Burress Swap Lives on ABC’s Celebrity Wife Swap!

Last night DJ Paul and Plaxico Burress switched lives and ladies on ABC’s Celebrity Wife swap.

Meet the Stripper Behind the Gathering of the Juggalos’ Lap Band Dance!

At the Gathering of the Juggalos, DJ Paul captured a girl twerking on a 500lb man on video and it went viral! Check out’s interview with the stripper!

[Photos] Lighters Up For Lord Infamous in Asheville and Big Love at The Gathering!

DJ Paul and Da Mafia 6ix hit Thornville, Ohio and Asheville, North Carolina for the Massacre Tour. Check out the sinners pictures here.

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