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CRAKD: Air Force Girl Gets Tasered and Grabs on for Her Life!

This woman in the Air Force is going through taser training and grabs onto more than some people can handle!

CRAKD: Lady Loses Her Marbles 30,000 Feet in the Air

If you were afraid of flying before, just wait until you see what this crazy woman put her fellow passengers through 30,000 feet up in the air!

CRAKD: A Family Finally Set Their Bunny Free… Kind Of!

This family nurtures a baby rabbit and then attempt to set it free. Watch what happens!

CRAKD: Skeletons Need to Eat Too!

This video comes just in time for Halloween from magician prankster Rahat. Watch how restaurant workers react when a skeleton orders food in their drive thru!

CRAKD: Watch What Happens When an Inmate Tells the Judge How He Really Feels!

This inmate told the judge how he really felt at his trial. Watch the video below!

CRAKD: See How This Bike Crew Takes Revenge on Reckless Driver!

A Range Rover plowed through a large group of motorcyclists in New York City recently and

CRAKD: See What Was Found in This Old Vegas Mob House!

These new homeowners in Las Vegas were surprised by what they found in their house! Watch

CRAKD: Jimmy Kimmel Staged the Fire Twerking Video?! Find Out How We Got Punked!

Jimmy Kimmel punked the internet with his girl on fire twerking video! On Jimmy Kimmel Live

CRAKD: This Girl is On Fire… Literally!! Watch the Twerk Fail Video!

Nowadays everyone thinks that they are a part of the Twerk Team but this video shows

CRAKD: This Stripper Gets Down and Dirty Ratchet With It!

Who knew you could fail at stripping? This striptease turns into something nasty and not in the good way!

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