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CRAKD: Can I Have a Ride? New DJ Paul Recipe? Oh Deer!

With the sky high cost of flights these days and TSA getting all grab ass on folks, everyone is taking the bus!

CRAKD: I Thought This Girl was Dead!!

“Bro, I knew something was wrong when a little pretty white girl ran into a Black man’s arms!”

CRAKD: Wish You Had THESE Lady Lumps??!

Ladies, ever wish you could do this with your muffin top??

CRAKD: Take Your Finger Out of My Va-JayJay! WTF?!

This gives “hitting below the belt” a whole new meaning! Watch this epic wrestling move! Wow!

CRAKD: All-Girl Summer FAIL!! Painful, but Funny!

Should we feel bad for laughing at these ladies failing over and over again??

CRAKD: Best Valentine Sex Ever!? Taste THIS Rainbow!

In this hilarious viral video, a newlywed couple gets in some sweet, raunchy lovin… Wow!!


CRAKD: The Funniest DUI Arrest Ever?! ’80s Style Po-Po Drama!

Maybe this guy should have just shut his trap… lol! Watch this epic ’80s DUI arrest

CRAKD: Harvey the Bird Breaks Out Crazy DubStep Beat!

There are a lot of birds on YouTube enjoying DubStep, but this one takes the cake!

CRAKD: Invisibile Driver Attacks Fast Food Workers!

Watch as a car drives through some of your favorite fast-food spots with no driver! How did they do it??

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