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The K.O.M.’s Driving Playlist!


Sunday Cruisin!!! #MOE Comin!!!!

The King of Memphis was cruising around California and shared his playlist. See what DJ Paul was cruising to below.


#TearDaClubUpThugs #ThrowYourSeatsUp #CrucialConflict #Chicago #Memphis


Ridin to one of my favorite beats i ever made!!! #mafia of #choices 1 Soundtrack!!! Yall dont know bout that!!!!!???? Lololol


Ridin to sum #TearDaClubUpThugs !!!!

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One Response to The K.O.M.’s Driving Playlist!

  1. tears6 March 30, 2015 at 12:40 pm #

    CRAYZNDALAZDAYZ was is still my favorite triple 6 mafia album

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