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New Da Mafia 6ix Single Coming Tuesday!

This week, DJ Paul announced on his Instagram that he and Da Mafia 6ix were back and dropping a new single on Tuesday October 01, 2013. He said,

“New single droppin tues!!! They thought we was over with!!! They tried to dead Me,Lord,Koop,Boo,Crunch!!! Lol I cant wait to see da look on they face wen we do our 1st show together!lol Ima roast his partner & i pray a nigga step to his defense but They wont tho cuz they know how we do!!!! Be Very,Very,Very Afraid!!!! Ima smack da dis-loyalty outa u bitches!!!! & u know i will cuz u seen me doit!+ If yo security touch us its gona be worst cuz then ima really be mad n take it up a notch so u best take this ass wooping n apologize fuk suckaz! Lets end this on a good note! I rather yall live.I rather be the nice guy.#scaleaton ent The new #DeathRow !!!!!!!

See the cover art below and check out the new single tomorrow here on the blog and at DJ Paul’s official YouTube Page.

Screen Shot 2013-09-30 at 9.58.24 PM

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