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Getting to the BBQ! DJ Paul Shares His Cooking Secrets!

DJ Paul chopped it up with about Da Mafia 6ix’s upcoming album, his dream collaboration and some of his cooking secrets. Check out the full interview below.

How did you learn to cook?

“When we made our first big money, I got my own house and at the time we were making money, but not ball-out money you know. We were smart with our money and we didn’t want to eat at restaurants all the time, because we wanted to save our money, especially because we ate a lot of steak, which was pretty expensive at some restaurants. We didn’t eat a lot of steak when I was young, but when we did my dad never grilled it and my mom usually made it in a pan or something. I went to this restaurant named Steak Escape where they grill the steak and they would marinate it in this soy sauce based marinate, so I was like ‘Oh my god, this tastes good!’ I love Chinese food but I never had it on a steak before, and I thought ‘man this tastes great!’ So it made me fall in love with steak. So, I went and bought like a hundred steaks!

– Kyle Cuppy for

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Famous Foods 2011

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