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DJ Paul Tells XXL More Unreleased Lord Infamous Material Is On The Way!

DJ Paul told XXL Magazine this weekend that more unreleased Lord Infamous material is on the way. Check out the full article below.

XXL chopped it up with DJ Paul during the Good Wood NYC event and spoke with him about the Good Wood smoke box, his funniest memories with Lord Infamous, Paul’s upcoming music and hot sauce and much more.

XXL: What’s the funniest moment that you had with Lord infamous?
DJ Paul: Man, I had so many funny moments with Lord Infamous, but the one that always sticks out in my head and that me and Juicy J always talk about it is that one day Lord Infamous was up in the studio and he was really high and Juicy asked him, “Man, what you eating?” and we both looked at him and he said, “Juicy, I’m eating some Chinese,” and we just died laughing because of the way he said “some Chinese.” And he just kept saying it, so we were dying laughing in the studio. That was the funniest right there, but he has millions of funny stories.

– Roger Krastz for

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