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DJ Paul Tells LA Weekly About Lord Infamous’s Casket and Billboard Lists Gangsta Boo!

Da Mafia 6ix is taking over the headlines this week. DJ Paul sat down with LA Weekly to speak about Triple 6ix Sinners Tour while Gangsta Boo was listed by Billboard as one of the women that changed Hip Hop. Read more from both of these articles below.

Did you christen the group Da Mafia 6ix because Juicy J couldn’t be a part of it for legal reasons?

I didn’t change the name because of legal reasons. I don’t know why people keep saying that. Me and Lord Infamous made the name up. Me and Juicy are the ones people know as Three 6 Mafia and we own the name together. Me and Juicy are still cool. If I wanted to name it Three 6 Mafia I could, but that would make no sense because it’s not Three 6 Mafia because Juicy’s not in it. It’s a project outside of Three 6 Mafia. That’s why I changed the name. Since Lord Infamous passed, we’re not gonna change the name.

So, Sony doesn’t have an issue with Juicy J recording with the group?

– Chaz Kangas for

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At the same time, Gangsta Boo was named in’s list of 31 Female Rappers Who Changed Hip-Hop.

The first and only lady of Three 6 Mafia is known to hold her own. Since before joining the Memphis-based rap group in the mid-90s, Gangsta Boo has positioned herself to be among the elite group of femcees that run the south.

– Erika Ramirez for

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