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DJ Paul Talks Horror, Sizzurp and More with PassionWeiss!

Check out DJ Paul’s interview with Jimmy Ness of PassionWeiss, speaking on horror, religion, Juggalos, Pimp C and more!

DJ Paul and Three 6 Mafia’s influence on modern rap music is more prominent than ever. From “Street Goth” being the latest fashion trend to rappers liberally borrowing the Mafia’s iconic rapid-fire flows, screwed vocals and purple drank obsession.

I called DJ Paul while he was running around preparing for a well deserved week trip to the Caribbean island Aruba… we chatted about his musical beginnings, flamethrowers at The Gathering Of The Juggalos, Pimp C, getting five members of Three 6 Mafia back together and him not knowing what an Oscar was when he first heard the news of their nomination.


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