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Dj Paul “Lay Down Today”

DJ Paul KOM of Three 6 Mafia is back with his solo Master of Evil album, which will feature appearances from Juicy J, Lord Infamous, Yelawolf, Violent J of Insane Clown Posse, Lil Wyte and Billy Wes. Slated for release on October 30, 2015 via Scale-A-Ton / Psychopathic / Sony Red, this project delivers bone-grinding horrorcore Hip Hop, ripe with the some of the darkest sentiments humanity has to offer.

Along with unveiling the Master of Evil art and track list, DJ Paul presents the first single “Lay Down Today” featuring his late brother Lord Infamous, appropriately number #13 on the 21-song project.

Master of Evil tracklist
01. Welcome
02. Down Bad
03. I’m Just Sayin
04. Bust Dat Cap
05. Dats It Fa Ya ft. Juicy J
06. All Kinda Drugs
07. Play Witcha Life
08. Goin In & Out
09. She Rocks Dat
10. Die Anyway
11. Info
12. I Don’t Know ft. Lord Infamous
13. Lay Down Today ft. Lord Infamous
14. F U 2 ft. Violent J & Yelawolf
15. I Done Lost Zaggin ft. Billy West
16. You Know Where I’m Goin
17. Shut It Down
18. My Price Is My Price
19. Loud Loud ft. Lil Wyte
20. Blackhaven Zone
21. Goodbye



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