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DJ Paul Talks Mafia Reunion x Top 5 Hip Hop Albums x Influence of “Mystic Stylez” with HipHopDX!

DJ Paul recently opened up to HipHopDX about reuniting with former Three 6 Mafia members Gangsta Boo, Koopsta Knicca, Lord Infamous, La’Chat and Crunchy Black under the name Da Mafia 6ix!

Paul addressed the name change by saying “Well, the first thing I want to clear up, and I cleared it up on Twitter yesterday, it’s not a Three 6 Mafia reunion [per se], because all the group members not in it—[Juicy J] is not in it—so it’s not considered a Three 6 Mafia reunion because it’s not Three 6 Mafia.”

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The KOM followed up with HHDX to give his Top 5 Hip Hop albums and his list, in no particular order is as follows:
It Takes A Nation Of Millions To Hold Us Back – Public Enemy
Paid In Full – Eric B. & Rakim
Niggaz4Life – N.W.A.
Bigger And Deffer (B.A.D.) – LL Cool J
Grip It! On That Other Level – The Geto Boys

Can you believe there is only one Southern Hip Hop group mentioned? Leave a comment below letting us know how you feel about his list!

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Finally, Paul reacted to the influence of Three 6 Mafia’s “Mystic Stylez” on new artists by saying “Aw man, it feels good. But, I figured it would happen because, you know, Three 6 Mafia, we sampled or based ideas off of earlier Rap artists or earlier Soul, R&B and Rock albums that we were fans of, so of course you got some of these guys that grew up as fans of Three 6 Mafia.”

CLICK HERE to read the full article on HHDX!


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