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Grill Masters Start Your Burners! The Smokey Summer Air is Near!

The weather has been shifty all over the U.S. lately but make no mistake, Summer is on it’s way and DJ Paul has you covered!

DJ Paul’s Award Winning BBQ Sauce and Rub` are the perfect condiments to get your taste buds kicking all Summer long!

What can you make with DJ Paul’s BBQ sauce and rub you may ask? Have a look below at some of the KOM’s specialties and look out for a new cooking video coming soon!

Crab legs and shrimp


Chicken thighs and pork chops


Mahi-mahi wrapped in Fire Smoked Cedar Paper


Grilled lettuce with Ranch dressing, turkey and ham


Grilled-stuffed bacon wrapped jalepenos, pork loin, tri tip, corn on cob, zuchinni squash and wings!


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