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It’s a FACT that “sizzurp” kills, but now there is a LEGAL, semi-healthier way to get

DJ Paul Offers Justin Bieber Advice on Dangers of Lean via TMZ!

TMZ ran into DJ Paul in Las Vegas this week, and the KOM gave some heartfelt advice to young Justin Bieber

Locodunit “Basic” Video, Directed by DJ Paul

DJ Paul takes to the director’s chair in Las Vegas for Locodunit’s new video “Basic”, edited

In the L.A. Streets with DJ Paul! Classic Throwback, Behind-the-Scenes and More!

In this throwback video, DJ Paul hits the streets of L.A. with his crazy crew! Watch

“Chin Up” Video from A Person of Interest

Here is the new video for “Chin Up” from A Person of Interest, directed by Charlie

DJ Kay Slay “Violent Music (Rmx)” ft. Busta Rhymes, DJ Paul, Bun B and Gunplay [Download]

DJ Kay Slay remix for “Violent Music” featuring DJ Paul along with Busta Rhymes, Bun B and Gunplay.

Look at All These Rumors! DJ Paul’s TMZ Files!

In Part One of DJ Paul’s TMZ Files, the KOM brings you some vintage footage from over the years… enjoy!

CRAKD: The Funniest DUI Arrest Ever?! ’80s Style Po-Po Drama!

Maybe this guy should have just shut his trap… lol! Watch this epic ’80s DUI arrest

CRAKD: Harvey the Bird Breaks Out Crazy DubStep Beat!

There are a lot of birds on YouTube enjoying DubStep, but this one takes the cake!

UFC Phenom: DJ Paul!? Urijah Faber Gets Training Tips from the KOM!

A few months back, DJ Paul took on a side-gig as UFC fighter Urijah Faber’s fighting coach… and we don’t know how to explain the rest… just watch!

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