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DJ Paul KOM x Drumma Boy “Him vs. Me” Trailer from Clash of Da Titans!

You’ve probably heard that DJ Paul is brewing up an exclusive mixtape with fellow Memphis producer Drumma Boy, and they have confirmed with this new “Him vs. Me” trailer.

DJ Paul “Amnesia” Video from A Person of Interest

Here is “Amnesia”, another crazy video from A Person of Interest!

S.I.M. DJs x Just Blaze x Baauer “Higher” (Remix and Club Mix)

Here is the latest from S.I.M. DJs as they join forces to remix Just Blaze and Baauer’s “Higher”.

S.I.M. DJs x Carnage “Bang (She Killin)” Official Video! S.I.M. Gumbo Rmx ft. DJ Paul KOM & Locodunit [NWS]

Here is the official video for S.I.M. DJs and Carnage “Bang (She Killin)” S.I.M. Gumbo Remix!

“In My Zone” Video from A Person of Interest

Here is DJ Paul’s “In My Zone” video from the A Person of Interest album.

CRAKD: Wish You Had THESE Lady Lumps??!

Ladies, ever wish you could do this with your muffin top??

S.I.M. DJs x Carnage “Bang (She Killin)” S.I.M. Gumbo Remix ft. DJ Paul KOM & Locodunit

The S.I.M. DJ’s are back! This time around they partner with Carnage for their S.I.M. Gumbo Remix of “Bang (She Killin)”

CRAKD: Take Your Finger Out of My Va-JayJay! WTF?!

This gives “hitting below the belt” a whole new meaning! Watch this epic wrestling move! Wow!

CRAKD: All-Girl Summer FAIL!! Painful, but Funny!

Should we feel bad for laughing at these ladies failing over and over again??

CRAKD: Best Valentine Sex Ever!? Taste THIS Rainbow!

In this hilarious viral video, a newlywed couple gets in some sweet, raunchy lovin… Wow!!


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