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CRAKD: Jimmy Kimmel Staged the Fire Twerking Video?! Find Out How We Got Punked!

Jimmy Kimmel punked the internet with his girl on fire twerking video! On Jimmy Kimmel Live

CRAKD: This Girl is On Fire… Literally!! Watch the Twerk Fail Video!

Nowadays everyone thinks that they are a part of the Twerk Team but this video shows

DJ Paul Announces Rerelease of 4 Da Summer of ’94!

On DJ Paul’s instagram page, he announced the rerelease of his 1994 tape 4 Da Summer

DJ Paul Hosts Sexy Stripper Party! See the Explicit Pics!

On August 11th, DJ Paul hosted a sexy stripper party in Phoenix, Arizona. Celebrity comedian Mike

DJ Paul Kills the Stage at OKC!

On Saturday August 24th, DJ Paul took over the stage at OKC. He rocked out a

Find Out Where DJ Paul Got His Latest Tattoo!

This week DJ Paul showed off his new ink… ON HIS SCALP! Peep the flaming tattoo

CRAKD: This Stripper Gets Down and Dirty Ratchet With It!

Who knew you could fail at stripping? This striptease turns into something nasty and not in the good way!

CRAKD: Chef Nigella Dirties Up the Kitchen! Nasty Lady!

Chef Nigella has more to talk about than ingredients and recipes. Watch this chopped and screwed

DJ Paul Has a New Reality TV Show?!

This week, Paul posted a pic to Instagram at the Viacom offices, home to BET, MTV,

Interview: DJ Paul and Yelawolf Talk New Project with sat down with DJ Paul KOM and rapper Yelawolf to speak about their upcoming collaborative album.

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